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Independently Verified Results

Anybody can post picks on a website they own and put whatever kind of record they want, but few people are willing to post their picks on a 3rd party site for independent verification. I use CapperTek to keep track of my record.

You can view the live, real-time, full results in the widget below, or you can click here to go to their website and see the same thing.

How Does My System Work?

Let’s face it … if you bet like everybody else bets, you’re going to lose — just like everybody else. The ONLY way to win is to pick your spots. You can’t bet every day, and you definitely don’t bet 10 games a day. If you want to do that, feel free to follow the clowns over at ESPN or FOX Sports.

My strategy is simple, has a high win rate, and most importantly, is incredibly profitable. That’s what matters the most anyway, right?

I focus on betting games where really good teams are playing really bad teams. I told you — it’s a simple system. But it gets a little bit more complicated than just betting on the biggest moneyline or spread of the day. Those are influenced by other factors that won’t consistently put money in your pocket.

For example, over the last nearly 40,000 MLB games, if you just blindly bet every home favorite moneyline to win $100 on each game, you would’ve lost $63,201. Ouch! If you only bet the home favorites with a line of -300 or worse, you would’ve lost $875. It goes to show that you can’t use the line itself to determine if a good team is playing a bad team.

So let’s check home favorites with a win percentage of 60% or more. You would’ve lost $28,844 betting to win $100 on each game. Let’s take it a step further, though. Let’s say those same home favorites were playing a team that lost 60% of the time. You still would’ve lost $22,362.

But now, in that same scenario, let’s only play the home favorites with a line of -185 or worse, that won 60% of their games, against a team that lost 60% of the time. You would’ve profited $12,940, plus an additional $9,220 if you also bet the runline.

The only problem is that’s A LOT of games you’d have to bet on over the past decade to grind out that profit. 

I came up with a better way to determine what is a good vs bad team, and it has to do with each of those team’s recent records. Pretty much all professional teams over time will settle around the same. A bad team one year might hit the playoffs the next year and vice versa. I look at a team’s recent performance using a proprietary formula that is the only way to truly determine how good a team actually is.


You’re Covered Year-Round

You’ll get picks in NBA, NHL, and MLB, giving you action all year long. You’ll get a few NFL plays here and there, but the simple fact is that there’s just not enough NFL games each season for my formula to get an accurate read on who’s truly a good vs bad team. By the time my formula starts getting enough data, the football season is just about over.

The problem with college sports comes down to a lack of parity. In order for my system to work, teams need to be basically on the same level. With college sports, you have teams that really have no business playing each other with spreads like -35. With games like those, it pretty much comes down to when the coach is going to let off the gas and take his starters out of the game. 

The great thing about just sticking to the professional leagues is that you can pretty much bet whatever amount you want to bet, with no problems. This lets you rake in massive amounts of profits all year long without having to split your action between 10 different sportsbooks just to get your bets down.


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Bryan H. - Scottsdale, AZ

Decades of Stats Proves that History ALWAYS Repeats Itself …

My system relies on a set of complex formulas to identify games that are most likely to win. These formulas are tied to a database that has decades of stats (going back to 1989 for the NFL, 1995 for NBA, 2004 for MLB, and 2006 for NHL) , containing every play, every line movement, every score, pretty much everything you need to know about any game.

Figure Out How to Use the Past to Predict the Future and You’ll Always win

For example, look at the results in the image above. Those results tell us that in the NBA, home favorites of -15 or worse, with a win rate of at least 60%, playing against a team that is only winning no more than 40% of the time, win ATS 61.5% of the time. You could just blindly bet this and come out a winner most of the time. Just this year alone, it’s gone 5-1.

There are many more examples like this I could show you to prove that we can use past results to show us how history repeats itself. Using the power of this sports database, I’ve identified a formula that is so powerful, it rakes in cash so much that sometimes I still can’t believe the results.

With over 100,000 games in the database, full of every player, the results of every play, all scores, lines, odds, weather conditions, etc., I can identify previous games that are nearly identical to the ones being played today.

Using a secret set of parameters, I can identify when a team is truly good vs bad, and when those 2 teams are playing each other, it’s time for us to pounce, lock our bets in, and pretty much count our cash.

I’ve finally cracked the code, and I’m certainly not a greedy person; I want to help as many people as I can make money with my system. Since we only hit the big professional leagues, every sportsbook will take our bets all day long, and they’ll take huge bets. I gave the sportsbooks my hard-earned money for decades; now I love being the one cashing in!

I’ll handle all the hard work for you. I run my formulas through the sports database every morning, and if there’s any matches, I put my bets in and then immediately send you an email with the picks to bet on. All you have to do is check your email (or check them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), place your bets, and sit back and laugh as you watch your bets keep on winning.

So what are you waiting for? Hit any of the red buttons on this page to get started. I can’t wait to hear about how much money you’re making! 

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